MCPR generates visibility for our clients with strategic PR and content development, supporting all their endeavors to build their reputations, brands, practices, search rankings and businesses.

PR for Doctors, Hospitals: We position our clients as subject matter experts and regularly promote them for media interviews in which they can offer medical commentary and opinion. As a result, our clients are routinely quoted in the news as experts and leaders in their fields.

Content Development for Doctors, Hospitals: We create content for our clients in the form of press releases, bylined articles, blog articles, social media posts, newsletters and website materials on a variety of health, fitness and beauty topics. We help fill all their communications outlets with articles of relevance to their existing and potential patients and customers. We are flexible in how we work with clients to provide the services that best meet their unique needs. Our strategies for generating publicity and content typically involve some or all of the following:

  • Define public relations and content development goals and plans.
  • Research, write and distribute press releases to establish our clients as thought leaders and generate media interviews.
  • Regularly contact news reporters/editors with news and ideas for articles in which our clients are the subjects or appropriate experts to provide commentary/opinion.
  • Create and manage local and national media lists.
  • Research and ghost-write bylined articles and other content for our clients’ blogs and social media outlets.
  • Place and repurpose articles with print, online and social media.
  • Track results.