Dr. Constance Chen was quoted in Zwivel on going flat after mastectomy

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Going Flat: Why an Increasing Number of Breast Cancer Survivors Are Foregoing Reconstructive Surgery

Zwivel Team, May 23, 2017

Having reconstructive breast surgery with or following mastectomy can be very beneficial — for some women. But these days, more and more breast cancer survivors are choosing to “go flat.”

Until recently, the prevailing opinion among medical professionals involved in the treatment of breast cancer was that most women undergoing mastectomy benefited from having reconstructive breast surgery either immediately following the mastectomy (immediate reconstruction) or at a later day (delayed reconstruction).

We interviewed numerous experts for this article, and all stressed the point that for many — but not all — women, this is still the case. Yet in recent years, more and more breast cancer survivors are chosing to avoid reconstruction surgery altogether. This option has come to be known as “going flat.” (more…)

Dr. Harvey was featured in an article titled “9 Ways to Have Fun While Fun While Getting Fit”

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9 Ways to Have Fun While Getting Fit

MAY 15, 2017

See why these workouts are shaping up to be the coolest ways to work up a sweat.

In our technology-dependent society, people are more sedentary than ever. As a direct result of this lack of physical activity, a variety of serious health problems have begun affecting much of the world. According to the World Health Organization, the lack of physical activity has been identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. It is also the main cause of about 21 to 25 percent of breast and colon cancers, 27 percent of diabetes and approximately 30 percent of ischaemic heart disease cases each year. (more…)

Dr. Meryl Joerg was quoted in the Tampa Bay Times on Skin Cancer Prevention

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The essentials of skin cancer prevention: self-checks, sunscreen and covering up

Irene Maher, Times Staff Writer, Thursday, May 11, 2017

Would you recognize skin cancer if you saw it?

The new awareness campaign, “Check Your Partner. Check Yourself,” urges us to take self skin checks seriously. Anyone who sees you regularly — not necessarily a trained professional — might notice a spot, freckle, mole, bump or crusty patch that has changed or just doesn’t look right. If they do, take action and have it checked. If you notice the same on someone else, speak up. (more…)

Dr. Goldburt was published in WAG Magazine on Sunscreen and the American Man

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Valerie Goldburt, MD. Courtesy Advanced Dermatology P.C. and the Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery (New York & New Jersey).

valerie goldburt

Written by Valerie Goldburt, MD

All right, men, it’s that time — warm enough to spend the days outside, whether it’s hitting the sports fields, barbecuing with your friends or perfecting your tan line. However, it’s important not to be in the summer sun without practicing proper skincare. (more…)

Can Activated Charcoal Really Improve Your Skin, with commentary from Dr. Papantoniou


Can Activated Charcoal Really Improve Your Skin? Experts Weigh In. The final verdict will surprise you.


You’ve seen ominous-looking black charcoal products in skin care and even dental products. Activated charcoal has gotten a lot of media attention, but some experts aren’t convinced it lives up to expectations.

Exposing regular charcoal to high temperatures and a gas such as oxygen makes it develop more pores, turning it into “activated charcoal.” Those pores, plus the carbon in it, attract substances and soak them up like a sponge. Doctors use activated charcoal to remove toxins from people who have overdosed, but it might have some beauty uses too. (more…)

9 Common Summer Skin Problems—Solved, with opinion from Dr. Papantoniou


9 Common Summer Skin Problems—Solved!

Find some sweet relief so you can enjoy the weather without rashes, itches, and burns.



You know you should apply—and reapply—sunscreen if you’ll be outdoors, but sometimes you still get too much sun. If you do end up with a painful sunburn, first things first: Get out of the sun. Soaking in more rays, even over the next few days, will just make the damage worse, says board-certified dermatologist Kally Papantoniou, MD, FAAD. As soon as you can, rub on some hydrocortisone ointment. (more…)

Sports Medicine Specialist Kevin Plancher, MD was published in Westchester Family Magazine: Prevent Baseball Shoulder Injury

Prevent Baseball Shoulder Injury

By Kevin Plancher, M.D., April 4, 2017

As the warm weather approaches young athletes will begin hitting the baseball fields for spring training. In the spirit of competition, it will be tempting for these young athletes to start throwing and swinging for the rafters. However, a little pre-season conditioning is vital to build strength and flexibility to prevent a shoulder injury that could take a young player out of the game. (more…)

Dr. Papantoniou provided commentary for Glamour on Acne Makeup


Why This Viral Acne Makeup Tutorial Is Sparking a Ton of Debate


There’s currently a massive beauty debate occurring online thanks to a clip of a makeup artist covering a woman’s acne with foundation that’s gone viral—as in, it now has over 450,000 views in three days—on lash-maker and former Shahs of Sunset star Lilly Ghalichi’s Instagram feed. Based on the comments, there seems to be a ton of confusion about what’s actually healthy to wear on top of skin that’s broken out, with some viewers wondering if thick layers of makeup could cause more trouble than it’s worth. (more…)

Benefits of a cold hair rinse with commentary from Kally Papantoniou, MD


What a Cold Hair Rinse Can and Can’t Do

March 2017

Every time I go into a salon I overhear hairstylists giving their clients pep talks. I’m not talking about the “Oh, girl, you’re too good for him” stuff you hear in movies. I hear them coaxing, plying, convincing women to do something they’re afraid to do to their hair: rinse it under cold water. The idea is that the frigid temperatures will leave your hair looking extra shiny, and most women suck it up and lean back into the chilly stream in the name of beauty. But as I sit there watching, I can’t help but question if it’s even working. I’ve tried the beauty hack a few times, but I’ve never been able to tell if the icy wash really made any difference. So I decided to go to the pros to find out if there’s any scientific reason that we should be braving cold rinses. (more…)

Dr. Kevin Plancher was featured in Healthy Aging on Collagen Meniscus Implants

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New Concept: Collagen Meniscus Implants For The Knee


March 2017

There’s no question our knees take a beating every day, but now there’s a new treatment option for those who’ve been plagued by knee pain stemming from damage or injury to the meniscus on having previously had surgery requiring the removal of a segment of their meniscus, the cartilage pad wedged between the thigh and shin bones, says orthopaedic surgeon Kevin D. Plancher, MD, founder of Plancher Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. (more…)

Dr. Papantoniou was quoted in More.com on Slush Facials

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“Slush Facials” Are Apparently The Secret To Kylie And Kendall Jenner’s Perfect Skin

They involve dry ice and acetone, but do they really work? We checked with board-certified dermatologists to see.


By Hannah Marsh, Mar 15, 2017

We’ve used coffee to dye our hair and ice cold water to keep our makeup matte throughout the day, but the latest facial trend is not one that we plan to try at home. (And you shouldn’t, either!) (more…)

Reuters Health quoted Dr. Papantoniou about surgical smoke hazards



Improving Your Practice, Outcomes and Income: Few clinicians protect themselves from surgical smoke hazards

MARCH 10, 2017, By Marilynn Larkin

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Close to three-quarters of dermatology residents feel they are not adequately protected from carcinogens and infectious diseases in surgical smoke, researchers say.

Dr. Lance Chapman of the University of California-Irvine Medical Center told Reuters Health in email, “Our study highlights that most clinicians do feel that surgical smoke contains toxic compounds that pose significant health concerns, yet only a minority actually use protective measures such as a mask and/or a smoke evacuator.” (more…)

Dr. Kevin Plancher was featured in Newsmax Health on a new fix for tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow Fix: New Technique Eases Pain for Weekend Warriors

By Charlotte Libov   |   Wednesday, 08 Mar 2017

A new technique that relieves severe tennis elbow faster and more quickly than traditional surgery can provide relief for this painful condition, a top expert says.

“In the past, there have been types of surgical options available to relieve the pain of tennis elbow, but there is a new procedure becoming popular that requires less recuperation time,” Dr. Kevin Plancher tells Newsmax Health. (more…)

Dermatologist Kally Papantoniou provided commentary for Bustle.com on Rose Water

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I Drench Myself In Rose Water Just Like Cleopatra & Here’s How You Can Too


Way back in the day, ancient Egypt’s Cleopatra — one of the most powerful, beautiful, and beguiling women of all time, BTW — would draw herself a bath of rose water. Imagine it now: An open-air bathroom, fragrant with roses, clean air, and essential oils, complete with gorgeous views of the pyramids out in the distance. Sigh. (more…)

Dr. Plancher was quoted in Health’Sass about running on a treadmill

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treadmill story from healthsass

You may be using the treadmill wrong

Especially at this time of year, many people exercise indoors–even runners.

But orthopaedic surgeon Kevin D. Plancher, founder of  Plancher Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, says you may be injuring your knees if you don’t run at a slight incline. (more…)

Dr. Papantoniou was quoted in Bustle.com on skin problems from sex

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9 Skin Problems You Can Get From Having Sex & How To Avoid Them

By CARINA WOLFF, February 2017


Sex can be a lot of fun, but it can also cause some unwanted side effects. Whenever you become that intimate with another person, your body is bound to have a reaction, and sometimes that can result in some skin problems from having sex. Some are temporary and harmless, while others come in the form of an STI, but either way, they can seem pretty alarming if you’re not aware of what they are. It shouldn’t scare you off from ever hitting the sheets, but knowing what can happen to your skin post-intercourse can help you take the proper precautions to make sure you’re protecting yourself and your skin. (more…)

Dr. Kally Papantoniou was quoted in Reader’s Digest on washing your hands with dish soap


How Bad Is It to Wash Your Hands with Dish Soap?

Does soap meant for breaking up bacon grease and washing off that sticky peanut butter harm your delicate hands? Read on.

BY RACHEL SOKOL, February 2017

You’re at the kitchen sink and need to wash your hands after slicing an onion or wiping yet another epic sneeze off your toddler’s face. But the only soap sink side is the same dish soap you use to clean your dishes. Which poses the question: Is it OK to wash your hands with dishwashing liquid? Or, should you only wash your hands with designated body soap; either bar or liquid? Here’s the answer according to Kally Papantoniou, MD, a New York City and Long Island-based dermatologist. (more…)

Dr. Kaliq Chang was featured in Annals of Long-Term Care on Caring for an Aging Spine

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Authors: An interview with Kaliq Chang, MD, Atlantic Spine Center, Edison, NJ.

Issue: Volume 25 – Issue 1 – January/February 2017 – ALTC

Citation: Annals of Long-Term Care: Clinical Care and Aging. 2017;25(1):13-15.

An increasing amount of attention is being given to the significant economic and political consequences of looming demographic changes, which are expected to lead to greater challenges for medical care in terms of care delivery, cost, and maintaining quality of life for aging individuals.1 Adults may soon—and some currently do—expect to live to 100 years old, and they hope to be able to perform all of the usual activities of daily living up to that age.  (more…)

Dr. Kally Papantoniou was quoted in The Atlantic about Treating Puffy Eyes

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My Pointless Battle Against Puffy Eyes

I’ve tried creams, wands, and almost got surgery. Now, a new treatment is on the horizon.


​In high school, I was locked in a competition with another girl over who would prevail in the class rankings. Because in a given year there were only so many tests, and thus opportunities to inch ahead, most of our day-to-day warfare was psychological. (more…)

Dr. Kevin Plancher was featured in Energy Times on the Benefits of Home Cycling

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February 13, 2017 as seen on the EnergyTimes Facebook page

Getting the Most from Your Home Cycling Workout

Even as baseball spring training begins, winter is still in full force for many areas of the country–which means many people are working out indoors while waiting for that warm weather to arrive.

Home cycling is a popular option…at least until the bike turns into a pricey clothes rack or storage unit. Why does that happen?

“One reason is boredom,” says Kevin Plancher, MD, of Plancher Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. “Even watching TV or listening to music or a podcast while on the bike doesn’t seem to be enough to keep a lot of people at it.” And spin classes at the gym may not fit your schedule. (more…)