Dr. Kecia Gaither was quoted in PARENTS about Food Aversions in Pregnancy

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Food Aversions in Pregnancy: Why Are Your Favorite Foods Suddenly Gross?

The pregnant woman’s guide to food aversions: Why they happen (to about half of all pregnant women!) and what you can do about them.

By Holly Pevzner, July 2017

Pregnancy does all sorts of wackadoodle things to your body—there are the swollen ankles, the aching hips, the tender breasts. But you know what might be the cruelest body disruption of all? Food aversions, the tummy-turning flip-side of food cravings, which suddenly leave pregnant women wanting nothing to do with their once-favorite foods.

“Typically, about 50 percent of pregnant women in the U.S. will experience food aversions of some type during their pregnancy,” says Kecia Gaither, M.D., NY-based double board certified specialist in Ob/Gyn and Maternal Fetal Medicine. (more…)

Dr. Kaliq Chang was featured in TheSpineCommunity.com about weight lifting without back injury

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Weight lifting without back injury

Technique, technique, technique – with a dash of common sense. Those are the ingredients for avoiding back injury when either lifting weights for strength training and exercise or simply lifting heavy objects, advises Dr. Kaliq Chang, interventional pain management specialist with Atlantic Spine Center. Read more as featured in TheSpineCommunity.com about weight lifting without back injury.

Weight Lifting without Back Injury; Technique with a dash of common sense


Dr. Kecia Gaither was quoted in Bustle about The G-Spot

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Is The G-Spot Real? Scientists Still Can’t Agree


Ever since I was a teenager reading women’s magazines, I’ve been hearing about the joys of the G-spot. But I’ve never found such a place on my own body. I mean, pressure on the top of the inside of my vagina feels good, but it doesn’t make me orgasm, and there’s no discrete “spot.” Doctors, sex educators, and scientists seem just as confused about this as I am. (more…)

Dr. Kevin Plancher was featured in HealthNewsDigest with Tips to Avoid Injury by Lifting Weights Safely

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You want to be stronger – and heard about weight training’s many benefits. But if you’re also worried that lifting weights will lead to injury, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid getting hurt while taking advantage of this timeless fitness trend. Dr. Kevin Plancher with Plancher Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine offers tips on weight training safely to avoid injury as seen in HealthNewsDigest.


Dermatologist Kally Papantoniou, MD was quoted in TheKlog on Pollution-Fighting Skin Care

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The 10-Step, Pollution-Fighting Skin Care Routine

By Wendy Gould, July 10, 2017

A complete 10-step Korean skin care routine for pollution to help reduce the effects of city smog and grit on your skin.

Pollution is a problem in many parts of the world, and Seoul is certainly no exception. This thriving, beautiful city is one of the largest in the world, and with over 25 million people comprising the greater metropolis, you can imagine how environmental and man-made pollutants can affect its inhabitants. However, if we’re throwing truth bombs, it’s the same story across globe!

“Living in the city has its own issues that have an impact on skin, and certain cities in particular may be worse than others,” notes Kally Papantoniou, a board-certified dermatologist. (more…)

Dr. Kecia Gaither was quoted in Women’s Health on Why Doctors Are Telling Women Not To Eat Their Placentas

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The Scary Reason Why Doctors Are Telling Women Not To Eat Their Placentas

Tons of celebs have done it—but should you?



Celebs like Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, Katherine Heigl, January Jones, and Tia Mowry all say they encapsulated their placentas post-birth, ingesting these “afterbirth” pills in the hopes of reaping reported rewards like improved mood and reduced risk for postpartum depression.


Dr. Kecia Gaither provided opinion to Glamour on Natural C-Sections


Why More Women Are Opting for ‘Gentle C-Sections’



There aren’t traditionally a lot of options when it comes to giving birth: there’s c-sections and there are vaginal births. But more and more women are now choosing a kind of hybrid: “gentle c-sections,” also known as “family-centered c-sections.” During these procedures, the screen normally at the mom’s waist, blocking the incision, may be lowered or transparent, or she may be propped up, so she can see her baby being removed. She also may get the chance to hold the baby as the surgery wraps up, before the nurse takes the child away. To make that possible, the baby’s heart monitors are attached to the mother’s back rather than her chest, her hands aren’t be strapped down to the operating table (which is normally done to keep her still), and she may receive less sedation. Sometimes, the baby’s delivered more slowly so that the chest is squeezed and fluid gets cleared from the lungs the way it does during a vaginal birth. (more…)

Dr. Papantoniou provided opinion for Newsmax Health about Sun-Skin Myths

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Sun-Skin Myths: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

By Frances Chamberlain   |   Friday, 30 Jun 2017

You may think your exposure to sun is minimal, if you spend more time in your car or indoors than out in the sun. But think again: The truth is you can still be exposed to dangerous levels of UV radiation from the sun while driving and in other indoor settings.

“People think they are safe in the car,” says dermatologist Dr. Kally Papantoniou. “But you can easily get sunburned and your hands are damaged just by holding the steering wheel.” (more…)

Dr. Papantoniou was quoted in TheKlog about how food affects your skin

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The Truth About How Food Affects Your Skin

By Hannah Johnson, June 30, 2017

How food affects your skin—from carbs, sugar, dairy, and alcohol.

From puberty, we’re told to watch out for certain foods because they’ll give us blemishes, and as we get older, the comments and advice don’t stop. Anyone who has ever struggled with persistent breakouts has probably heard from some well-meaning acquaintance that “drinking lots of water!” helped cure their own skin woes. And while helping yourself to a couple of slices of cheesy pizza won’t have you waking up with an oily complexion the very next day, it’s actually true that the foods we eat can directly relate to how our skin looks, not only in the day-to-day but in the long term as well.

“For years there were beliefs that certain foods could worsen acne and cause flareups, and now there are many actual studies that have shown a link between diet and acne,” says Kally Papantoniou, a dermatologist in Great Neck, New York. (more…)

Dr. Kally Papantoniou provided commentary for SELF on All the Ways Skin Laser Treatments Fix Spots, Scars, and Redness


June 29, 2017 by Jessica Cruel

All the Ways Skin Laser Treatments Fix Spots, Scars, and Redness

Lasers are dermatologists’ go-to for everything from stretch marks to rosacea.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When I’m talking to my fellow beauty editors about the skin-care treatments they love (a conversation we have often), it’s not the retinol creams or Korean-inspired facials we’re raving about. It’s laser treatments. The ladies in the know go to the dermatologist’s office to get scars zapped and age spots singed away. Although I’m constantly researching new skin treatments, I’m a relative newbie when it comes to lasers. To be honest, when I hear the word laser, my mind jumps to light sabers before skin care. But as I approach 30, I’m noticing the way my skin is already changing—and it’s giving me a new appreciation for the many ways that lasers can help restore skin to its full glory. No Jedi mind tricks here, just effective, science-backed treatments that dermatologists stand by for visible results. (more…)

Dr. Kecia Gaither provided commentary for Romper about what happens when you go past your due date

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What Happens To Your Body When You Go Past Your Due Date? Impatience Isn’t The Only Symptom

By Caroline Shannon-Karasik June 29, 2017


The crib is ready, the tiny clothes are washed and folded, and you’ve taken every parenting class, including that one where you watched a woman give birth and questioned everything about your life. On the eve of your due date you snuggle — well, awkwardly plop — into bed and think, “Tomorrow at this time, I might be a mom.” But your due date comes and goes, as do several more days, and still no baby. In addition to feeling every kind of uncomfortable, you begin to wonder, “What happens to your body when you go past your due date?”

Double board-certified OB-GYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist Dr. Kecia Gaither tells Romper in an email interview that one of the first changes that begins to occur is the uterus will have more contractions, also known as Braxton Hicks, in preparation for real labor pains. (more…)

Dr. Kaixuan Liu was featured in HealthNewsDigest about endosopic lumbar laminotomy for spinal stenosis

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Endosopic lumbar laminotomy for spinal stenosis

6/28/17. According to Dr. Kaixuan Liu, chief surgeon at the Atlantic Spine Center. by the age of fifty, almost everyone will have degenerative changes to their spine that will show up on an MRI. As these changes progress, there is a narrowing of the spinal canal and pressure on the nerves that exit the spine causing the symptoms of spinal stenosis, one of the most common age-related back conditions. Read more here for details from Dr. Liu aboutendosopic lumbar laminotomy for spinal stenosis as seen in HealthNewsDigest.

Dr. Constance Chen was featured in HealthNewsDigest on Prophylactic Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction

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6/27/17. According to board-certified plastic surgeon with special expertise in the use of innovative natural techniques to optimize medical and cosmetic outcomes for women undergoing breast reconstruction Dr. Constance M Chen, the decision to undergo prophylactic mastectomy is a difficult one and may not be right for all high-risk women. Read more here as seen in HealthNewsDigest about prophylactic mastectomy and options for breast reconstruction.

Dr. Constance Chen was quoted in Zwivel about the Vampire Breast Lift

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The Vampire Breast Lift Is “No Substitute to Surgery,” Experts Say

Zwivel Team, June 27, 2017


The Vampire Breast Lift is billed as a non-surgical form of breast augmentation that doesn’t involve any downtime. We asked the experts to weigh in on this odd-sounding procedure — and they didn’t have many good things to say.

The Vampire Breast Lift, which involves injecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the breasts, has been a subject of much discussion in the plastic surgery community. (more…)

Dr. Kecia Gaither provided commentary for Allure on UTIs

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5 Signs You May Have a UTI — and What To Do About It


allure and utis

If you have female anatomy, it’s not unlikely you’ve had a urinary tract infection (UTI) at some point. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, some 40 to 60 percent of women will develop a UTI in their lifetime — and UTIs usually don’t only strike once. “In adult women, UTIs are quite common, with women having about one infection every two years,” James Wantuck, MD, a physician and Chief Medical Officer at PlushCare, says.

Why? Kecia Gaither, MD, a double board-certified physician in OB/GYN and maternal fetal medicine, says UTIs “represent an infection caused by bacteria growing within the urinary system.” And it’s the makeup of the female anatomy that makes us so prone to contracting that infection: “Women have shorter urethra than men, which allow bacteria a shorter and easier pathway to the bladder,” Dr. Gaither explains. (more…)

Dr. Kecia Gaither was quoted in Romper about pregnancy weight gain and baby size

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Does Your Pregnancy Weight Gain Affect Your Baby’s Size? Experts Weigh In

By Caroline Shannon-Karasik 6/24/27

43364916_s - Copy - Copy

Sometimes it feels like a pregnant belly has a sign that says “kindly send your unsolicited advice here.” Whether it’s that you are carrying high or low, a rounder face means you’re having a girl, or reasons for a drug-free birth, it’s like people have never heard of the funny things pregnancy hormones can make a woman do. Or tact. The same goes for pregnancy weight gain — everyone has a theory about what the size of your belly means about a growing baby. But does your pregnancy weight gain affect your baby’s size? (more…)

Dr. Kecia Gaither was quoted in Bustle on Surprising Things That Can Happen When You Go Off Birth Control

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10 Surprising Things That Can Happen When You Go Off Birth Control

By CARINA WOLFF, June 22, 2017


Whether you go off birth control because you don’t want to take any hormones or you’re just not happy with the pill, you might notice some startling changes in your body once you ditch the pack. There are a number of surprising things that can happen when you go off birth control. Some are more temporary, while others might last indefinitely, but knowing what could potentially happen when getting off the pill can help you make the right decision when it comes to your sexual health.

Depending on what pill you are on — and your own unique body — each woman can have different symptoms when coming off the pill. “Birth control pills work mainly by two mechanisms,” says Dr. Kecia Gaither, OB/GYN over email. (more…)

Dr. Chen was quoted in Health’sass about removing breast implants

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health sass removing breast implants

Removing breast implants–tricky

I know I sound like a dope for saying this, but the plastic surgery show on E! Channel, BOTCHED, is back–and I missed it. It is such an entertaining mix of trans-this, trans-that, weird bodily obsession, physician showboating, etc, I love it. I cannot lie. (more…)

Fit Pregnancy quoted Dr. Kecia Gaither in a story about Pregorexia

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Fit Mom Slams Pregorexia Claims

Chontel Duncan was recently featured in an article about an issue called pregorexia—the mom was understandly upset to be connected with the eating disorder.


Chontel Duncan has made a name for herself for staying ridiculously fit throughout pregnancy. But the mom, who is now expecting her second child, has discovered the downside to all that attention: She recently faced some unfair treatment, as the Courier Mail ran an article that connected her to pregorexia, a serious pregnancy-related eating disorder.  (more…)